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Success – not perfection | offshore racing

Adventure Log | 12.06.2019 | Offshore Racing

On the first day of June. A few of us offshore racing virgins converged early at Clipper Race HQ in Gosport in nervous anticipation of the week ahead. Bags packed in the vans. We had no real idea who our fellow crewmates were going to be for this final week’s training.

Level I – Begin the beginning

Adventure Log | 31.10.2018 1 trip to Liverpool and 2 interviews later, both my daughter Iona (18) and I passed the necessary and were accepted to start the Clipper Race training for 19-20 edition of the race – yay! Happy faces in Gosport HQ The start of a family adventure for 2019-2020. To create lasting memories. To step out of our comfort-zones, share and...