… make it ‘intentional’

What is a mid-life crisis anyway? Isn’t it just a point where you take a step back and evaluate your journey so far on this little rock called planet ‘Earth’? Well, some people have built entire businesses as life-coaches doing this. Why pay someone when you can do it yourself, easily and naturally?

If you can combine what drives you to get up in the morning and earn a buck or two from it, then everything is golden. For me right now, that means being able to demonstrate that the life-force gifted to me has made a difference to someone’s life somewhere in the world.

So, my reason to exist is …

… to save at least one life before I die!

sailing offshore
Go big or go home – with crewmate Oliver

My name is Ian. Intentional living is the goal. Currently, living in the UK with an amazingly tolerant wife and family. What drives me is knowing that my time on earth has made a positive difference to another human being (outside my immediate family clearly) before disappearing into space dust.

Working life is spent protecting people from the harmful effects of high voltage through an engineering design consultancy set up some years ago. Intentionally setting a course to save a life in my professional journey has been a blast – but this site is not about work … it is about the next course to chart, a sailing journey.

A sailing journey where I can share the trials, tribulations and learnings of someone who has never sailed more than a couple of hundred metres in a Sea Scout dinghy until my last mid-life crisis 2-years ago. And who knows – maybe make a difference in the process.

It seemed like a great idea to learn more about this sailing stuff. So, my daughter and I signed up for a race across the Southern and Pacific Oceans in a 70-foot ocean racer courtesy of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s Clipper Round the World Race. After all, life is built on memories, right? And a wonderful piece of advice given to me during a training session …

… when presented with a choice of two options in life, do the one that will make a better story” 

Simon Phillips – Skipper

This advice certainly resonated – so I’m sharing this story with you so you can decide if Sailing across an ocean has made for a better story (than not!).